Compiled 1988 - 1990

by M.E.J.Crew

Ofinso Training College, Ofinso, Ashanti, Ghana

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CONTENTS Notes on European Surnames ..........3 War Memorial, Kumasi ..........4 Kumasi Clock Tower, and Sir G.Wolseley ..........6 Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra ..........7 Obuasi Expatriate Cemetery, ( Ashanti Goldfields ) ..........9 Evangelical Presbyterian Cemetery, Ho .........13 G.E.Ferguson Cemetery, Wa .........15 Osu Cemetery, Accra .........16 Cape Coast Castle M.I .........21 Christ Church Cathedral, Cape Coast, M.I .........21 Elmina Cemetery, Cape Coast .........23 Notes on the Ashanti Region .........25 Notes on deaths at Cape Coast .........28 British Military Tomb, Bekwai, Ashanti .........29 PAGE 3.

Notes on "European" surnames in Ghana.

Present-day Ghana covers areas which were formerly under British

control,such as the Cape Coast settlements 1630 - 1821,the Gold


(a separate British colony in 1874),Ashanti (British colony,1901),

Northern Territories (British Protectorate 1901),and part of Togoland

taken from Germany in the 1914 - 1918 war,later administered under a

League of Nations mandate,then under a United Nations Trust.

The early European merchants and soldiers who came to the Cape

Coast generally remained there for long periods without home leave. It

was a common and accepted practice to form a stable marriage with an

African woman,and often to educate sons in England.As a result there

was a large and influential number of Africans with some European

blood,bearing surnames originally from Europe.

Among the Africans who have played a part in the political

development of the country in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

are George Ekem Ferguson,Jacob Wilson Sey,George Blankson,Joseph

E.Casely-Hayford,George Grant,and the present (1990) leader,Chairman

of the Provisional National Development Council,Flt.Lt.Jerry John


Surnames found among Ghanaians today include Arthur, Bannerman,

Blay, Erskine, Hasford, Mills and Wilson.

Ghana 1990


Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana)

I. 1914 -1918 War Memorial outside Kumasi Main Post Office.

North-west face.


Gold Coast Regiment

1914 - 1918


Lieut.G.M.Thompson I believe that this was the second British officer to be killed in the First World War.
The first was Staff Paymaster J T Gedge RN, mined in the Thames, died 6 August 1914.
(See Commonwealth War Graves Commission site www.cwgc.org/)


Lieut.J.V.Earle Lieut.L.St.L.Blakeney Sgt.J.Lake

A/CSM J.Stark Drummer George Willis

South-west face.

East Africa

Gun Carr. James Private P.G.Smith Private A.N.Williams

M.G.Carrier John Labour

Driver Christopher James

Carrier Silverdine

South-east face

Died in the colony (after serving overseas)

Lt.Col.C.G.Hornby OBE,MC Capt.H.R.Greene Lieut.H.Williams

Lieut.W.Huntriss Lieut.S.Randall DCM Bandmaster C.T.Leader

Sgt.A.J.Thomson Private Macarthy Private John Hackman

Private Reuben Macaulay Driver Thomas Porter

Died in the Colony

Capt.H.T.C.Wheeler Lieut.F.P.F.Mayer

North-east face

East Africa

Capt.F.J.Pye Lieut.G.G.Duncan Lieut.G.H.Shields Lieut.H.E.Eglon

Lieut.R.de B Saunderson Lieut.R.C.Woods Lieut.R.A.Viney

Capt.J.F.P.Butler VC DSO Lieut.T.W.Arnold Capt.L.S.Biddulph

Lieut.F.J.Bussell Lieut.J.G.Ironside Lieut.S.Shaw Sgt.E.R.Nelson

Sgt.M.Cunneen Sgt.C.A.Thornett DCM Sgt.H.L.Mudge Sgt.W.Flatman

BSM J.F.Cross Sgt.J.Willis Sgt.F.Gartside Sgt.W.S.Lees

Sgt.F.T.Moth Sgt.W.Dwyer Priv.Square Driver Peter Gibson

C.P.Clerk J.H.Turkson

Also inscribed are many local (African) names.

Alphabetical list of names. Kumasi War Memorial 1914 - 1918 Ghana TOGOLAND CAMEROONS Thompson G.M Blakeney L.St.L Earle J.V Lake J Stark J Willis George East Africa Arnold T.W Moth F.T Biddulph L.S Mudge H.l Bussell F.J Nelson E.R Butler J.F.P Pye F.J Cross J.F Saunderson R.de B Cunneen M Shaw S Duncan G.G Shields G.H Dwyer W Silverdine - Eglon H.E Smith P.G Flatman W Square - Gartside F Thornett C.A Gibson Peter Turkson J.H Ironside J.G Viney R.A James - Williams A.N James Christopher Willis J Labour John Woods R.C Lees W.S Died in the Colony Died in the Colony (after serving overseas) Mayer F.P.F Greene H.R Porter Thomas Wheeler H.T.C Hackman John Randall S Hornby C.G Thomson A.J Huntriss W Williams H Leader G.T Macarthy - Macaulay Reuben Note: W.A.F.F is the West Africa Frontier Force, later the R.W.A.F.F Transcribed by M.E.J.Crew Ofinso,February 1990. PAGE 6.
Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana) II. On free-standing tower with clock, by Kumasi Main Post Office. This tower and clock are erected to the memory of the late Sir Donald Stewart KCMG, first Resident and Chief Commissioner of Ashanti, which positions he held from October 1896 to July 1904, by his numerous friends and admirers both European and native, as a token of respect and affection and as a tribute to the excellence of his pioneer work. Kumase (sic) 1907 --- Note: In documents circa 1900, the name of the city, now Kumasi, is found as Coomasi and variants. Transcribed by M.E.J.Crew Ofinso, February 1990 After Sir Garnet Wolseley's successful Ashanti campaign the Gold Coast was separated from Sierra Leone. It was proclaimed a British colony on 12th September, 1874, together with Lagos. The people of the Gold Coast Colony became British subjects. The capital was moved from Cape Coast to Accra in 1877. Following the Yaa Asantewa war in 1900, Ashanti was also made a British colony in 1901 and placed under the Gold Coast Governmemt. In 1874, Kumasi was largely destroyed by a British Expeditionary Force led by Sir Garnet Wolseley, known to the Ashantis by the garbled name "Sergranti" Sir Garnet
Note from "A Visual History of Ghana" by C.M.O.Mate, illustrated by Ann and Donald Goring. (Evans Brothers) Said to be "the very model of a modern Major-General." PAGE 7,
Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana) III. Holy Trinity (Anglican) Cathedral, Accra, Ghana. Cornerstone of the cathedral was laid by Sir William Brandford GRIFFITH KCMG Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gold Coast Colony, on 9th Aug 1893. Crucifix in the grounds : Canon Stacy WADDY, Secretary to the S.P.G, visited the Gold Coast and laid down his life, Jan 1937. Memorial tablets inside the cathedral. T.E.Leslie ALDRIDGE H.M.Customs died Axim, 2 Sep 1906, leaving parents and widow still alive. Phillip Lawton Hinds ARCHER ISO, aged 52, Comptroller of Customs, Gold Coast Colony, d. 3 Oct 1918 in the wreck of RMS BURUTU. George ATWILL, civil servant of this colony, Comptroller of Customs, d. 13 Apr 1908. Robert Alexander BANNERMAN 17 May 1893 - 16 Jan 1966. George BECK, Asst.Commissioner of Police, 9 Aug 1902 - 22 Mar 1914, died Colonial Hospital, Accra, 22 May 1914. Vidal James BUCKLE, barrister-at-law, d. 2 Apr 1920, aged 39. Tablet erected by his sorrowing wife Ellen. Kenneth Frederick Hooke BURR, Senior Medical Officer WAMS, d. Accra, 7 Jan 1906, after 10 years service. Gerald Chevely CLARK B.A (Cantab), Asst.Colonial Secretary, Lieutenant, Gold Coast Volunteers, d. 20 Aug 1902, aged 31. Edward Victor COLLINS, Inspector General of Police, Gold Coast, drowned by enemy action, 24 April 1917. (cf REECE) Captain Philip Francis DALE MC, Gold Coast Survey Dept.,and Hornchurch, Essex. Died near Enchi 26 Mar 1926, aged 30. (born 21 October 1895). Miss Anne FRASER, Colonial Nursing Sister, Colonial Hospital, Accra, 1904 - 05. Died 2 Jun 1905 returning home on leave. William Brandford GRIFFITH, elder son of William GRIFFITH Esq of Windsor and Frenches, Barbados, Lieut.Governor of this colony Nov 1879 - Oct 1885, Governor and Commander-in-Chief Oct 1885 - Feb 1895. Born Barbados 11 Aug 1821, died Barbados 17 Sep 1897. Mark Cleland HANSEN, civil servant of Nigeria and this colony, more than 35 years a churchman, secretary to the local Boy Scouts. Died 20 Nov 1934, aged 59. Francis Gething HOPKINS M.D,B.Ch, late Principal Medical Officer, died 2 Feb 1916. Edward Charles LANE, Engineer of roads, P.W.D, died Accra 11 Oct 1913. PAGE 8.
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra. (contd.) Sir William Charles MAXWELL, Governor of Gold Coast, died on the voyage home, 14 Dec 1897 James Hulton MILLS, eldest son of Thomas Elton MILLS Esq.,of the Middle Temple barrister-at-law, died 14 Mar 1906. Educated Margate and Liverpool College, Oxford University, and law student, Middle Temple. James Robert PHILLIPS, son of the Venerable Thompson PHILLIPS, Archdeacon of Furness. He was Sheriff of Gold Coast Colony 1891, Deputy Consul-General, Niger 1896-7. Treacherously killed while on a mission to the King of Benin, by natives, on 4 Jan 1897. Emma Ernestina, wife of B.A.Manyo PLANGE, 17 years Head Teacher of Colonial Girls School, Accra. Born 22 Apr 1877, died 24 Feb 1914. John Smith Manyo PLANGE OBE, GM, Chancellor of the Diocese 1960 - 1972. Born 13 Jan 1901, died 3 Mar 1972. Husband of Gladys. Lionel George Falkland PYNE, Chief Assistant Secretary, Gold Coast. Died Arcachon, France, 1 Apr 1894. William Wallace RATTRAY, Assistant Comptroller of Customs. Served in various West African colonies for 18 years. Died Liverpool 18 Feb 1910, aged 44. Eardley Bramwell REECE, Treasurer of the colony, member of the Executive Council, died with his wife in the sinking of SS ABOSSO, 22 Apr 1917. Sir John Pickersgill RODGER KCMG, Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gold Coast . Born 12 Feb 1851, died 19 Sep 1910. George Augustus Frederick WATSON, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gold Coast Colony. Late Captain, 1st Gold Coast Regiment, WAFF. Died 14 Apr 1906. Arthur Herbert HAMMOND, Assistant Commissioner of Police, born 27 Apr 1878, died 25 Mar 1910 of Yellow Fever at Seccondee (sic), 1910. African Direct Telegraph Company Staff. Died during the loyal discharge of their duty and buried in the cemetery. General Superintendant George THOMAS died 24 Mar 1887 Superintendant James MOON, after 19 years service died 17 Mar 1905 Staff members. T.W.PRITCHARD died 2 Aug 1895 E.E.COOPER died 5 Aug 1895 J.E.SHAW died 5 Aug 1895 I.E.BOYD died 9 Aug 1896 J.WITHERS died 28 Mar 1897 W.E.TEIL died 10 Sep 1897 Asst.Supt.W.R.GURLEY died on the passage home, buried at sea, 7 Aug 1897 Transcribed by M.E.J.CREW Ofinso, March 1990 . PAGE 9.
Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana) IV. Expatriate cemetery, Obuasi, Ashanti - Ashanti Goldfields Corporation Limited. G.ANGELLINI died 26 Aug 1913 Dr Arthur Lawrence ANTHONY died 24 Feb 1938 Bellini ARCANGELO died 16 Jul 1933 S.BACCORELLI died 28 Feb 1914 Nodari BATTISTA died 6 May 1937 M.BELLINI died 7 May 1912 T.BLIGHT died 12 Oct 1918 N.E.BONNER died 30 Jun 1947 Mary BORDEN 1886 - 1968. Author. Wife of Major-General Sir Edward Louis SPEARS Bart.,KBE CB MC, Chairman, Ashanti Goldfields Corporation Limited. She loved Obuasi. Francesco BOSIO born 16 Feb 1917 died 12 Mar 1963 D.M.BROWNE died 11 Jan 1975 F.W.BUCKLAND born 29 May 1906 Suffolk died 7 Nov 1968 Sir Charles Coventry BURDETT Bt died 2 Jun 1940 J.H.BURN died 11 Aug 1910 Edwin Arthur CADE died Dominassi (sic) aged 46 years 4 May 1903 J.CARLISLE died 24 Apr 1955 G.W.CHARDIN died 29 May 1923 Ian Douglas Bruce CORNER 1927 - 1974 , husband of Eunice, father of Jacqueline, Penelope, John and Katrina. General Mines Manager A.G.C (G) Ltd. G.CRAIG died 14 Jul 1918 T.F.CRAIG died 14 Sep 1956 A.W.EMMS died 17 Oct 1918 E.L.FRANCIS died 26 Jan 1957 G.GASTELLI died 19 Jul 1956 PAGE10.
W.H.GILL died 30 May 1911 C.GREB died 23 Nov 1904 F.G.HARRIS died 10 Nov 1957 Anthony HAYES born 11 Oct 1955 Obuasi died 6 Oct 1961 G.R.HIGGINBOTHAM died 28 Aug 1910 J.HOOPER died 6 Apr 1913 J.R.HORSLEY died 28 Jun 1925 P.M.HUME died 11 Mar 1934 E.KERVIN died 1 Nov 1899 A.S.KINGCOME died 12 Jun 1902 G.KNEEBONE died 21 Jun 1902 J.LAINGLIS died 30 Nov 1966 J.LINNEY died 11 Jul 1914 Martyn LLOYD born 28 Jan 1959 Wales died 17 May 1961 H.LORD died 23-6-1943 H.C.LORIMER died 18 May 1951 W.L.MAISEY died 19 May 1925 Z.MANERA died 10 Aug 1916 G.MARINONI died 21 Apr 1958 E.MARIONI died 3 Apr 1913 G.MARTELLI died 2 Aug 1956 E.J.MILLER born 25 Apr 1925 died 26 Apr 1959, Portsmouth. W.MITCHELL died 8 Jul 1902 W.MITCHELL born 26 Oct 1909 Scotland died 14 May 1970 A.B.MOORE died 27.5.42 N.T.MOORE died 18 Feb 1966 Bortolo MORESCHI died 2 Jul 1937 PAGE 11.
Expatriate Cemetery, Obuasi, continued. Rev Father Phillip MUNTZINGER died 7 Aug 1927 P.A.MURRIN died 2 Mar 1929 G.NORTHCOTE died 2 Nov 1901 J.PARTINGTON died 22 Feb 1908 D.PEDROCCHI died 10 Jan 1952 E.PENROSE died 23 Sep 1909 F.PENROSE died 22 May 1929 G.B.PETERSON died Nov 29 1902 Reginald PHILLIPS died 13 Jun 1930 Master D.M.PIETROMARTIRE born 30 Oct 1958 Italy died 6 Sep 1960 A.POLONI died 20 Jun 1914 V.POLONI died 15 Oct 1911 G.RAWLING died 6 Jun 1953 J.REID died 26 Jun 1917 Jayne ROBERTS born 16 Sep 1961 England died 8 May 1962 H.G.S.ROBINSON died 5 Jun 1913 Walter George RODWAY died 1 Mar 1937 J.F.SMITH died 17 Sep 1947 J.SPEAKMAN died 12 Oct 1918 S.STEPHENS died 22 May 1904 George TASKER born 11 Nov 1925 died 4 Oct 1963 K.J.TAYLOR died 6 Sep 1906 F.H.TONKING died 7 Sep 1930 J.N.TURNER died - Oct 1935 J.R.VARLEY died 16 Feb 1908 J.T.WARNE died 14 Oct 1918 PAGE 12.
Expatriate Cemetery, Obuasi, continued. H.S.(?).WHITE died 13 Mar 1935 G.T.WILLIAMS died 18 Nov 1916 Oswald WILLIAMS born 25 Mar 1907 S.Wales died 7 Nov 1960 C.G.WINBY died May - 1971 R.B.WOOD died 9 May 1914 W.WRIGHTON died 18.6.1947 ********** Transcribed by K.McRae and M.E.J.Crew, with the kind assistance of Mr Fred.Dyne, and with the permission of the General Manager, Ashanti Goldfields Corporation Ltd. Ofinso, May 1990. PAGE 13.
Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana) V. Evangelical Presbyterian Cemetery, Ho, Volta Region. Major F.C.PRICKETT CBE, MC, Assistant Commissioner, Gold Coast Police, late 5th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers and Gold Coast Regiment, RWAFF. Killed in a motor accident near Peki on 3 Dec 1934, aged 39 years. Duncan Newlands WALKER, District Commissioner of Kpandu. Born 8 Mar 1902, died 14 Feb 1941 in Ho. Husband of Myra Nelson. ________________________ Johanna Rol Kath BINETSCH born 10 Dec 1857 died 15 Dec 1880 Johannes DETTMAN born 30 Sep 1903 died 24 ...195- or 196- Margarethe DIEHL born 4 MAr 1866 died 25 Jul 1897 Theophil DIEHL born 17 Sep 1900 died 30 Oct 1960 Tilly Freyburger geb. Trainer 7 Jun 1875 - 4 Jun 1906 baby boy of Mission Sister Freyburger born and died 20 Mar 1906 A.HAUPT died 1864 J.C.HAUPT died 1864 M.HAUSER geb. HERDER, Schaffhausen ausg. 1866 died 14 Feb 1867 Martha HENNEMUTH born and died 1866 child of Mission Sister HORNBERGER died 1867 Friedrich J}GER of Oberseebach, Elsass born 27 Jul 1848 died 27 Jul 1862 Child of Mission Sister MaLLER died 1877 J.STEINEMAN died 1865 M.K.STEINEMAN,Kt Schaffhausen born 14 Oct 18?? died 1 Nov 1861 PAGE 14.
Evangelical Prebyterian Cemetery, Ho. (continued) Fr.T.STEINEMAN,Kt Schaffhausen geb. died 26 Dec 1833 ** Joh.V"GELIN,Pulvisey (?),Schweiz born 1865 died 26 ... 1866 L.V"GELIN, geb.BECK ausg 1866 died 15 Sep 1867 Kristilde WIEGR}BE born 1 Dec 1931 died 25 Feb 1933 There are also many memorials with local (African) names. Transcribed by M.E.J.CREW, Ofinso, March 1990. ** Possible error in transcription (?1883) since 1833 seems too early for missionary work in this area. PAGE 15.
VI. Cemetery named after G.E.Ferguson - Wa, Upper West Region. M.W.COOK Agriculture 23 Oct 1930 Ruth Mary Carmichael, mourned by Lillian. 13 Oct 1952 and William CARMICHAEL ( 8 Jul 1953 ). A missionary of the Cross of Christ. Mr G.E.FERGUSON* 6 Apr 1897 Lieut.J.C.HUNTER 28 Aug 1902 Major T.WESTBROOK MC 4 Dec 1922 _________________ * On the 11th April,1937, His Excellency the Governor unveiled a memorial at Anamabu to George Ekem Ferguson (b. at Anamabu, 14th July,1864.),Political Agent for the Government. Transcribed by Helen Barrett, Wa, March 1990. About 1880, the slave traders Samori and Babuti were marauding in the lands between Sierra Leone and Nigeria, including the territory which is now the north of Ghana. Their large well-equipped armies did a lot of damage and captured many people to sell into slavery, despite the official abolition of slavery. Samori was taken by the French in 1899, while the British hunted Babuti in the Northern Territories. George Ekem Ferguson was a Fante who spent some years surveying the country, and signing treaties with local chiefs on behalf of the British. He was killed by Babuti's men at Wa. Babuti was killed at Yendi and many of his men joined the Gold Coast Regiment. G.E.Ferguson Note from " A Visual History of Ghana " by C.M.O.Mate, illustrated by Ann and Donald Goring, ( Evans Brothers. ) PAGE 16.
Memorial Inscriptions - Gold Coast (Ghana) VII.Osu Cemetery, Accra. E.C.A At Rest ( no date, c.1910 ) Theodore ALLBEURY died 8 Apr 1922 aged 39 W.O.ARCHER born 1877 died 1903 William Cairns ARMSTRONG, H.B.M Consul, Opobo, died at sea 3 Jan 1894, aged 31 George ATTRILL, late Comptroller of Customs, Gold Coast Colony, died 13 Apr 1908. Monument erected by staffs of Maritime Customs & Preventive Services. Donald V.AYERS, Stourport, Worcs, England, died at Somanyah, 30 May 1927 aged 31. Edward John BAILEY of Bristol died 17 Mar 1906 aged 31. Capt.Arthur Henry BARDIN MC born Dublin 20 Jul 1886, died Accra, 10 Feb 1922 aged 36. Albert BATESON of West Houghton, Lancs., died 19 Feb 1915. E.BAYFIELD died 12 Jul 1903. Rev John Edward BOGGIS died 24 Jun 1918 aged 31. Monument erected by the Brethren of Accra Lodge No.3003 E.C William BROMLEY aged 42 died Accra 3 Mar 1908. Ernest BROWN born 24 Jun 1878 died 21 Aug 1903 aged 25. John Greenwood BROXUP, Bank of British West Africa Ltd.,son of James Greenwood BROXUP late of Gannow House, Burnley, died 25 May 1900 aged 36. S.BRY(?ANT) died 16 Jul 1909. John William BURLAND born 17 Jul 1874 died 25 Dec 1922 aged 48. William BURNETT, Foreman Platelayer, Govt.Railways, born 28 Jun 1865 died 23 Jul 1921. Maurice BURTT of Brixton Hill, London, Agent to Messrs F & A Swanzy, died Accra after 3 days illness on 4 Jan 1896, aged 38. Douglas Edward CANDY of the Eastern Telegraph Co., son of the late Colonel G.H.CANDY of the Bombay Artillery, died Accra 8 Jul 1908 aged 37. James William CHERRY born 12 May 1864 died 28 Aug 1908. PAGE 17.
Osu Cemetery, Accra (continued.) Colin Carstairs CHISHOLM, Agent at Koforidua of the African & Eastern Trade Corporation, born Edinburgh, Scotland, 3 Mar 1889, died here 25 Jul 1920. Gerald Cheveley CLARK B.A died 20 Aug 1902 aged 31. Dr Sylvester John COLE MB CM of the University of Aberdeen, a native of Sierra Leone & Assistant Colonial Surgeon of Gold Coast Colony, died Accra 1 Jun 1890 aged 34. H.J.COLEMAN died Accra 19 Sep 1924 aged 39. S.B.R.COOK A.M.I.C.E died Accra 12 Jul 1908 aged 36. John Henry Godfrey CRANE, Captain 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. Served in the Boer War with 59th Co. Imperial Yeomanry 1901 & 1902, 1st Battalion Gold Coast Regiment 1905, 1906. Born 11 Sep 1878, died Accra 6 Jul 1906, a few hours before sailing home. Only son of John Henry CRANE of Oakhampton, Worcs. Wilfred M.DAVIES-FOREMAN, Cheshire, died Accra 25 Jan - (? c.1919) Note: Foreman seems to be part of the name, but could be a grade. John Scott DALRYMPLE, Assistant Inspector Gold Coast Constabulary, (? shot near ...). The rest of the inscription is not readable because of slight subsidence. Date probably c.1886. Warwick Gilbert Hamilton FORBES,formerly lieutenant Gordon Highlanders, died Accra 1 Apr 1923 aged 25. Captain R.F.FREELAND AFC .....(unreadable)... RAF died 29 Jul 1922. Stanley Justin GALE P.W.D died 10 Mar 1929 aged 26. Phyllis Leonard (sic) GARRISH died 18 May 1925. Arthur William GIBBUNS Assistant Accountant P.W.D, died 13 Jan 1923 aged 32. In loving memory of my dear husband Stephen Henry GOODCHILD, aged 41. No date. Circa 1914. J.M.GRAHAM died Accra 23 Mar 1924 aged 38 Percy Eden GREVILLE died 23 Jul 1917 Samuel GROGAN, Chief Steward SS BENIN, died 16 May 1923 aged 37 Harry HARRISON, son of Francis and Margaret HARRISON of Dublin, died 20 Dec 1911 aged 29 Alexander Thomas HARVEY died Accra 21 Oct 1918 aged 44 PAGE 18.
Osu Cemetery , Accra (continued) Henry Easterd HICKS died 3 Sep 1918. Erected by a few friends at Koforidua. Albert Edwin HOLT died Accra 16 Apr 1917 Captain Charles Daniel HOPWOOD of the Highland Light Infantry, 3rd son of James Thomas HOPWOOD of Lincoln's Inn, London, died Accra 8 Jul 1895 aged 24 In memory of my dear husband Tom Kingston JARVIS, died 12 Sep 1920 aged 29. Edward Charles LANE P.W.D Gold Coast Colony, 2nd and beloved son of William Ed. (sic) and Frances Annie LANE of Alverstoke, Hampshire, born 15 Dec 1879, died 11 Oct 1913. J.P.M 1889 -- MAKEN (? circa 1914 ) Willie MARSHALL born 2.12.1884 died 17.5.1919 Robert MARTIN born 10 (?) Jan 1893 died -1(?) Oct 1918. Note: date of death is either 11 or 12 or 31. John MCLAREN died Accra 20 May 1924 aged 53. Arthur Weaver MONKS elder son of Walter and Harriet MONKS of Eccles, died 11 Oct 1918 aged 31. James MOON, Superintendent A.D.T.C died Accra 17 Mar 1906. Headley Thomson NEALE Commissioner of Police,died 18 Aug 1924 aged 36. William J.Noel NELICAN, District Commissioner, died 20 Nov 1900. Cyril Aubrey NORRIS died Accra 7 Jun 1914 aged 38. Richard OWEN, loving son of Mr and Mrs Owen OWEN, Harlech, N.Wales, born 19 Sep 1887 died 29 May 1913. John PAGAN C.E, Surveyor General, Gold Coast Colony, died 13 Dec 1886. Alfred Toppin PALLISTER born 15 Apr 1865, died 1 Jan 1898. Richard PARKS of Leeds died 8 Mar 1912 aged 35. James Henry PART, Captain 4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, Assistant Commissioner of Civil Police, Gold Coast, died Accra 27 Aug 1887, ( on the same day as his loving mother ), aged 30. PAGE 19
Osu Cemetery, Accra (continued
George August PEATTIE died 27 Apr 1899 aged 32 Cyril Warton PERKINS died 10 Apr 1902 aged 26 Charles PIKE CMG born 17 Dec 1849 died 9 Aug 1891 For many years Treasurer of this Colony and of Lagos, the respective governments of which he for a time administered. John PIRRIE born Aberdeen 25 Sep 1883 died Accra 19 Jan 1911 Henry William POWELL ( Harry ) of St.Annes-on-the-Sea, Lancs., died 20 Jun 1920 aged 25 ( ?T.W ) PRITCHARD (no date, c. 1905) Frank R.M.PROSSER dearly beloved husband of Lizzie COWIE d. 11 Dec 1921 aged 31. Lieut.S.RANDALL DCM MM, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs), d. 31 Dec 1918 Leonard William RICHARDS died 16 Apr 1920 Joseph Alexander RIELEY (? RIDLEY ) of Liverpool, died 29 Apr 1899 aged 22. Frank Ernest ROBERTS born Kingston, Jamaica, BWI, 4 Apr 1865, died Accra 8 Mar 1907. -- RUNCIMAN Loyal North Lancs. Regiment, Building Inspector PWD died 9 Jun 1921 aged 31. Harold George Alexander RYAN b. 25 Feb 1889 died Accra 17 Jan 1917 Richard SHARPE of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, died Accra 10 Jan 1928 aged 46. W.H.SIMMONS W.A.M.S died Accra 11 Jan 1924 aged 29. Violet, dearly beloved wife of Frederick SINCLAIR died 18 Mar 1923 Major E.STANLEY, late North Staffordshire Regiment, Inspector General of Constabulary, Lagos, died Accra 7 Apr 1896 George, Captain, late Royal Artillery, eldest son of Colonel C.H.STODDART, died 21 Jan 1906, aged 32 William Clark STRANG died 1 Mar 1920 aged 34 Andrew James, eldest son of Francis and Mary Nina SWANZY of Sevenoaks, Kent, died 25 Apr 1904 aged 24 My dearly beloved husband James Edwin THRING died 3 Aug 1927 aged 35 PAGE 20.
Osu Cemetery, Accra (continued) Alfred Ernest Hope TODD, aged 27, died Nsawam 10 Sep 1894. Kenneth Frederick TOOKE (BUEFF), Senior Medical Officer of the West African Medical Service, died Accra 7 Jan 1906 aged 43. This stone was erected ... (The rest of the inscription is buried because of subsidence) James, eldest son of Elizabeth and the late Thomas James WILKINSON of West Kirby, died 23 Mar 1926 aged 26 Our son Roger Ernest WOOD b. London 30 Dec 1877, d. Accra 18 Jun 1913 Laurence Richard WRAY born 1869 died 1907, Superintendant ADTC Accra 7 & half years. (See Africa Direct Telegraph Company, page 6.) Arthur WREN died 1 Jul 1905 Clement Joseph YOUNG died 8 Jan 1908 William Alexander YOUNG, Director of Medical Research, Gold Coast, died while investigating Yellow Fever, 29 May 1933 aged 38 years. ************** These M.I are from the south-east corner of Osu Cemetery, Accra, where expatriates were buried from c.1880 - 1930. There may be later burials elsewhere in this very extensive cemetery. Records are held in the small office (hut) at the entrance, (south side) but I did not have time to examine them to try to correct the doubtful readings above. Cemetery is open Mon - Fri 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Transcribed by M.E.J.CREW Ofinso, Ghana, June 1990 PAGE 21.
Ghana ( Gold Coast) Memorial Inscriptions I. CAPE COAST CASTLE Letitia E.LANDON, wife of George Maclean. George MACLEAN 1801 - 1847. Philip QUARCO 1741 - 1816. G.B.WHITEHEAD died aged 38 at Cape Coast, 2 Jul 1812. Tablet erected by his wife. II. CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL,CAPE COAST (Memorial tablets inside) George AMISSAH died 28 Oct 1929. Mrs Mary Josephine ARTHUR born 30 June 1913, died 24 Jun 1981. Thomas Henry ASHMORE, only son of Thomas and Hannah ASHMORE of Liverpool, died 21 April 1872 at Cape Coast, aged 24. Sister Dorothy, Order of the Holy Paraclete, St.Hilda's Priory, Whitby, Yorkshire. Tablet erected 14 Nov 1981. Henry BARNES, merchant, Cape Coast Castle, died Liverpool 23 Sep 1865, aged 65. Samuel Edmund BRUCE, born Larteh, Akwapim, 1844, died at Cape Coast Castle 24 Sep 1916. Joseph Galton HAIM Jr., born 1 Oct 1886, died 1 Sep 1939 aged 53. Tablet erected by Mabel and Mary. Richard HARRISON, student of Margate College, Kent, son of R.A and Amelia Harrison, born Anamaboe 10 Mar 1865, died Margate 23 Mar 1884. Beatrice Madeline, wife of Casely HAYFORD of Axim, barrister-at-law, born 17 May 1874, died 6 Oct 1901. Christopher William HOOPER, born 6 Nov 1906, died 14 Apr 1981, aged 74. Miss Isabella JOHN, nursing sister,died at Cape Coast 18 Apr 1901. Albert Benjamin JOSIAH of Cape Coast Castle, born 3 Jan 1853, died 6 Sep 1921 at 68 years 8 months. Tablet erected by Josiah Bros (sic) his sons. Sub Lieut. Robert Leyborne MUNDY RN, HMS Active, only son of Sir Robert Miller Mundy KCMG, died 17 Feb 1874 at the age of 22, of wounds received in action at the battle of Amoaful,31 Jan 1874 Tablet erected by his sisters. Rev Philip QUAQUE (sic) died 17 Oct 1816. PAGE 22.
CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, CAPE COAST continued) Francis SWANZY, resident merchant and magistrate, lost at sea in the schooner Viper on passage London to Cape Coast AD MDCCCLII, aged 37. Jabez J.THOMPSON, born 15 Aug 1888, died 7 Nov 1937. Tablet erected by Mrs Hagar E.Thompson and children. _______________________________ In some cases the complete inscription Transcribed by M.E.J.CREW has not been copied, but all material Ofinso, Ghana. of genealogical interest has been recorded. August 1989. PAGE 23.
Elmina Cemetery, Cape Coast I. Names on a large memorial dated (? begun) 1806 Chief ANDOH Harriet BARTEL Anna Esson BARTEL J.A.de VEER C.H.BARTEL H.VROOM DC CMG II.Inscriptions in the cemetery, on graves. Christiana ADAMS, died Elmina 1882. Antoinette ATTEVELDT, born 6 Oct 1829, died 19 Sep 1881. Harriet ATTEVELDT, born 14 Feb 1855, died 17 Jul 1882. Egbert Caldwell COOPER, Captain 3rd Gordon Highlanders and Gold Coast Constabulary. Died 22 April 1895, aged 23. W.M.CONSTABLE, foreman of works, 1880. (sic) Frederick Isaac DOLPHIN, general merchant, died 11 Sep 1895 aged 46. Richard Henry HARE, late 13th Light Infantry, only son of Hon.Henry Hare, born 2 Oct 1845, died 22 Jun 1875. J.C.W.M.JOOST, first Lieut. Guinea Coast, RMWO (?) 4th class, born Nijmejn 6 Jun 1840, died 22 Apr 1872. Henry Pole Brookland MACBRIDE, Royal Berks Regiment. and Houssa (sic) Police, died 16 Oct 1894, aged 24. Catherine R.H.MENSON, daughter of Jacobus van der PUYE, 1868 - 1888. Father MOREAU 1880 - 1886. (sic. ?= his stay in Elmina) Father E.MURAT 25 May - 6 Aug 1880. (sic) Paul Dane O'BRIEN, son of Juliana and W.A.O'Brien, Drumsilla,Co.Leitrim, late lieutenant K.D.Guards, Inspector and District Commissioner of Axim,Cape Coast, died 12 (?) Feb 1882, aged 31. Martin August ORTH, first lieutenant, died 16 May 1818. Elizabeth PLANGE alias Amba SAIDOO, died 10 Apr 1900. Mrs Mary PARNELL died 11 Aug 1906. Sister PERPETUA (no dates) Father Legeay PIERRE 1846 - 1883 Richard Read, paymaster HMS Alecto*, died 27 Aug 1887, aged 37. *Alecto was a paddle-wheel 200 h.p steam sloop of 800 tons, often stationed on the coast of West Africa in the middle of the 19th century.See the Navy Lists of that period. PAGE 24.
Elmina Cemetery, Cape Coast (continued) Henri STEINHUSEN died Elmina 3 Mar 1869 F.W.H.STOOVIE died 9 Oct 1880 Dr William TAYLOR A.C.S, died 11 Jan 1895 Hendrik McCarthy VROOM ( no date ). Stone erected by H.VROOM CMG, father. Welhelmina 2nd daughter of H.V.VROOM Esq., born 26 May 1869, died Jun 1888 Captain Charles WALTERS died 22 Sep 1856, aged 56 J.Peter WARENBURG born 21 May 1861, died 19 May 1899 Thomas Bolton WATERFIELD died Elmina 30 May 1890 aged 31. Stone erected by his aunt. John Reinhardt WERNER, son of late Joseph Reinhardt Werner of Mainz, died 16 Aug 1891 in his 29th year. Stone erected by British W.Africa Assn.Ltd. _________________________________ PAGE 25. < BR> NOTES ON ASHANTI REGION, GHANA.
I. The Cenotaph, Kumasi, commemorates the members of the West African Frontier Force, (later the Royal West African Frontier Force) who died in the 1914 - 1918 war. It was erected about 1929 on the site of the gallows where the British hanged ten Ashanti patriots during the uprising of 1900. (25 Nov 1900) (see separate list of names) II.Chief Commissioners of Ashanti Sir Donald STEWART KCMG 1896 - 1904 Sir F.C.FULLER 1905 - 1920 Mr C.H.HARPER 1920 - 1923 Sir John MAXWELL KCMG 1923 - 1930 Mr H.Scott NEWLANDS 1930 - 1933 Major F.W.F.JACKSON 1933 - 1936 Major H.G.STEVENSON 1936 - 1941 Mr E.G.HAWKESWORTH 1941 - 1946 Major C.Owen BUTLER 1948 - 1950 Mr W.H.BEETON 1951 - 1952 Mr W.BRIAN-SMITH 1952 - 1953 Mr A.J.LOVERIDGE 1954 - 1955 Mr A.C.RUSSEL 1956 - 1957 III.Kumasi Town Clerks. Mr W.CLASS-PETER 1913 - 1922 Mr Arthur John HUGHES 1923 - 1934 Major W.BLACKBURN-KANE 1934 - 1939 Mr Frank William BEECHAM 1940 - 1950 IV.Medical Officer, Ashanti, 1924. Dr. SELWYN-CLARKE ran the "Kill rats and stop the Plague" campaign during the bubonic plague epidemic in Kumasi, 1924. V. Churchmen. Methodist : Rev.Thomas Birch FREEMAN (d.1890) arrived in Kumasi 1 Apr 1839 Rev.F.W.SOMMERVILLE arrived in Kumasi 1896 Rev.Francis LEE arrived in Kumasi 1901 Catholic : Fr. WADE, Chaplain to British Expeditionary Force, Kumasi 1896 Presbyterian : Rev.Fritz RAMSEYER with wife and baby, and a Frenchman, M.G.BONNART (from Ho), were captured by the Ashantis in Kumasi and held for four and a half years. There is a photograph of Rev. and Mrs Ramseyer at the Ramseyer Centre, Abertifi. PAGE 26.
NOTES ON ASHANTI REGION, GHANA (contd.) Anglicans : Ven.G.W.MORRISON M.A, Ph.D sent by S.P.G to Kumasi 1913 - 1918 Rev.A.H.CANDLER Kumasi 1919 - 1922 Rev. Robert FISHER (At this time the Lord Bishop of Accra was the Rt. Rev.M.S.O'RORKE) Mr (later Rev) C.H.ELLIOT Benedictines from the Anglican Abbey at Peshore (sic), England : Dom Peter HARRIS OSB Dom Dominic CARTER OSB Dom BERNARD OSB Ven.Archdeacon SUGGETT Rev.H.T.HORSEFIELD Rev.St.John EVANS Rev.M.W.HICKEN Ven.J.H.BREWER 1948 - 1951 Rev.G.C.GATES 1942 VI. In 1952, Mr W.T.FIELD, former Kumasi City Engineer, was a Turf Club Official. The source of these notes is "Your Guide to the City of Kumasi", printed in Kumasi, not dated but with a reference on page 7 to a football match on 26th October 1973 "before going to Press". Extracted by M.E.J.Crew Ofinso, Ashanti, March, 1990. ***** PAGE 27.
Genealogical notes on deaths in Cape Coast Gold Coast) 1. Thomas HUTTON of Cape Coast and London. Father an Englishman, mother a local mulatto. He married Mary DEEVER. Sons Anthony Calvert HUTTON, Arthur Robert HUTTON, Thomas Deever HUTTON. Daughter Elizabeth Adelaide HUTTON.Died 1856. 2. George KENDALL of Kendall House, Cape Coast, a European merchant, married Elizabeth Adelaide HUTTON, daughter of Thomas Hutton. Died 1878. 3. Gravestone in the grounds of Smith's Hall, Cape Coast (now demolished) built by Governor John Hope SMITH for his wife Fanny : " Sacred to the memory of Mrs Fanny SMITH, of Cape Coast, who died on the 9th day of June 1842, aged 53 years. In remembrance of her many excellent qualities this stone is placed by her son Henry Smith" Source: photocopy of an undated typescript c.1960, "Notes on the Old Houses of Cape Coast" by W.S.Kwesi Johnston. 4. Died 21 Jan 1824 at the battle of Nsamankow (on the banks of the Adumansu , 20 miles from Nsamankow) : (a) Sir Charles MACCARTHY, Brigadier-General, Governor of Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast Settlements. (b) Ensign ERSKINE and 80 Fantis of the Royal African Colonial Corps whom he was leading. Source: 16-page typescript (undated, no author given, pages 1-2 missing) on the history of the Cape Coast Asafu Companies. 5. Missing presumed dead : Private WHEELER, in a major riot involving 4th Battalion W.India (sic) Regiment stationed at Cape Coast, 4th Sep 1865. After the same riot, Private King was charged and found guilty of the murder of John SANIEZ, a native. Sentence of death commuted to 2 years (as for manslaughter) on referral to the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Source: History of the Asafu Companies cited above. M.E.J.Crew Ofinso, Ashanti, April 1990. PAGE 28.
British Memorial Tomb at Bekwai, Ashanti. During the Ashanti rebellion of 1900, some chiefs like Bekwai, Manso and Nkwanta realised that it was politically and technically useless to rebel against the British when arrangements aimed at pleading for the return of the Asantehene Nana Prempeh I (Kwaku Duah III), who had been exiled by the colonial government, were far advanced. They therefore remained neutral and did not take part in the rebellion.. The colonial government sent an expeditionary force from Cape Coast to Kumasi to crush the rebellion. The soldiers took the Bekwai - Essumeja - Kokofu route through the Kontansi road to Kumasi. They were attacked and five soldiers were killed. Because of the relationship between Bekwai and the colonial government, and because it was not possible to convey the bodies to Cape Coast or to Britain for burial a place was offered to them at Bekwai where they were given a fitting burial. A tomb was erected in their memory. Among those killed were: Lt.Louis Kossuth BROUNLIE son of Charles and Cathrine DEBELS, killed on 3rd. July 1900. He was 23 years old. Christopher Julius JEAFFERSON, born 27th January 1871. Killed at Essumeja on 2nd November 1900. He was 29 years old. These notes were made by Ruth Amoako, student at Ofinso Training College,and resident of Bekwai. The spellings of the names are as transcribed by Ruth. July 1990

Baden-Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell) arrived at Cape Coast Castle on 13 December 1895. He led the advanced column of the Ashanti expedition against the Assantehene Prempeh in Kumasi. As he approached Bekwai, the king there asked for British protection and enabled B-P to circle behind his enemies blocking the way to Bekwai and attack from the rear. Kumasi was taken without bloodshed within a month. Also in the fighting column were Prince Christian Victor, Prince Henry of Battenberg (who died, probably of malaria), Major Donald Stewart (see Kumasi), and Mr Vroom, Secretary for Native Affairs (see Elmina). The Houssa Police, pronounced "Howser", native Muslim soldiers from the north of Cape Coast, were enthusiastic participants in the campaign. (See Elmina, under Macbride.) B-P was called Kantankye, "He of the Big Hat". His whip was known as Volapuk because all the tribes understood its language. See "The Story of a Failure" by Sir William Butler, on the failed campaign of 1874, and B-P's book, "The Downfall of Prempeh." by Major R.S.S.Baden-Powell. (The above facts appear in "The Chief" by Eileen K. Wade published by Wolfe, 1975.) PAGE 29.
Note: several pages are in alphabetical order for easy reference, and these names have generally not been indexed here. ABOSSO, SS 8 ALDRIDGE 7 ARCHER 7 Arnold 4 Arthur 3 ATWILL 7 Babuti 15 Bannerman 3, 7 BECK 7 BEECHAM 25 BEETON 25 BERNARD 26 Biddulph 4 BLACKBURN-KANE 25 Blakeney 4 Blankson 3 Blay 3 BONNART 25 BOYD 8 Brandford GRIFFITH, Sir William 7 BREWER 26 BRIAN-SMITH 25 BROUNLIE 28 BUCKLE 7 BURR 7 BURUTU, RMS 7 Bussell 4 Butler 4, 25 CANDLER 26 CARTER 26 Casely-Hayford 3 CLARK 7 CLASS-PETER 25 Clerk 4 COLLINS 7 COOPER 8 Cross 4 Cunneen 4 DALE 7 DEBELS 28 DEEVER 27 Duncan 4 Dwyer 4 Earle 4 Eglon 4 ELLIOT 26 Erskine 3, 27 EVANS 26 Ferguson 15 Ferguson, George Ekem 3 FIELD 26 FISHER 26 Flatman 4 FRASER 7 FREEMAN 25 FULLER 25 Gartside 4 GATES 26 Gibson 4 Grant 3 Greene 4 GRIFFITH 7 GURLEY 8 Hackman 4 HAMMOND 8 HANSEN 7 HARPER 25 HARRIS 26 Hasford 3 HAWKESWORTH 25 HICKEN 26 HOPKINS 7 Hornby 4 HORSEFIELD 26 HUGHES 25 Huntriss 4 HUTTON 27 Ironside 4 JACKSON 25 James 4 JEAFFERSON 28 KENDALL 27 King 27 Labour 4 Lake 4 LANE 7 Leader 4 LEE 25 Lees 4 LOVERIDGE 25 Macarthy 4 Macaulay 4 MACCARTHY 27 MAXWELL 8, 25 Mayer 4 Mills 3, 8 MOON 8 MORRISON 26 Moth 4 Mudge 4 Nelson 4 NEWLANDS, Scott 25 O'RORKE 26 PHILLIPS 8 PLANGE 8 Porter 4 Prempeh I 28 PRICKETT 13 PRITCHARD 8 Pye 4 PYNE 8 RAMSEYER 25 Randall 4 RATTRAY 8 Rawlings 3 REECE 7-8 RODGER 8 RUSSEL 25 Samori 15 SANIEZ 27 Saunderson 4 SELWYN-CLARKE 25 Sey 3 Shaw 4, 8 Shields 4 Silverdine 4 Smith 4 SMITH, John Hope 27 SOMMERVILLE 25 Square 4 Stark 4 STEVENSON 25 STEWART 25 Stewart, Sir Donald 6 SUGGETT 26 TEIL 8 THOMAS 8 Thompson 4 Thomson 4 Thornett 4 Turkson 4 Viney 4 WADDY 7 WADE 25 WALKER 13 WATSON 8 Wheeler 4, 27 William 4 Williams 4 Willis 4 Wilson 3 WITHERS 8 Wolseley, Sir Garnet 6 Woods 4 Yaa Asantewa 6

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